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Landing a halibut of this size is hard work enough, allow our skilled cutters to fillet and portion your catch into meal sized vacuum sealed packages.
Okay…now how big was it? Now that’s a fish story if I have ever heard one.
Upon arrival all fish orders are tagged and kept separate, you really do get your own fish back!
Bring your coolers and we will deliver your fish packed, iced and ready to load into your vehicle.
The only thing that tops a father & son fishing trip is catching salmon this big!
Can’t take your fish home when you leave Port Hardy, we can ship it home to you at a later date.
Our staff cares about your processing needs.  Individual attention is given to every customer.
Fishing with a large group?  Allow our diligent staff to divide all the processed fish evenly by species and weight among the people in your group.
All orders are tagged and kept separate throughout the entire process
Our crew processes all fish received, that day.  Working well into the night to ensure the quality and freshness of your catch
Your fish are tagged and separated right from the beginning of our process.
Ever kissed a fish before?  What’s on your bucket list?