At Hardy Buoys we strive to deliver you the best fish recoveries possible. Our processors are highly skilled and we use the best tools available to minimize waste. Each Recovery depends on the fish species, whether it has been brought in dressed or in the round and the type of processing that it is having. For Filleting and Packaging:

Manner Received
In The Round
52% Recovery
29% Recovery
29% Recovery
59% Recovery
Head On Dressed
56% Recovery
32% Recovery
32% Recovery
65% Recovery
Head Off Dressed
59% Recovery
36% Recovery
36% Recovery
68% Recovery

**These recovery percentages are an average.

Recovery weights from smoking depend not only on the size of the fish and the manner it’s received but also it is contingent to the salmon species. If the salmon that you are having smoked is less oily the salmon will be dryer and lighter then a more oily salmon. Also the style of smoking will have an effect on the fish. Candied salmon will lose more weight during smoking then whole fillets.

Smoked Indian Candy:
Round : Approximately 30-33% Recovery
Head On Dressed : Approximately 33-37% Recovery
Head Off Dressed : Approximately 35-37% Recovery

Hot Smoked Pieces in Natural, Garlic, Peppercorn, or Cajun
Round : Approximately 45-50% Recovery
Head On Dressed : Approximately 55-60% Recovery
Head Off Dressed : Approximately 55-60% Recovery