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Choose Hardy Buoys for your next gathering!
Smoked Salmon Toppers are perfect ingredient to add that little something that may be missing from your favourite recipes.
Indian Candy always a crowd pleaser! Can be used in a variety of recipes for all your entertaining needs.
Peppercorn Smoked Salmon
Our Smoked Salmon, ready to eat, eggs benny!
Smoked Salmon Toppers are the perfect protein to add to your salad if you are trying to eat healthier!
A Seafood Chowder just wouldn’t be complete without some Smoked Salmon Toppers in the pot!
Original Smoked Salmon Nuggets, Mango anyone?
Original Smoked Salmon Nuggets
Smoked Salmon Indian Candy is so moist and flavourful.
Smoked Salmon Indian Candy
Original Smoked Salmon Nuggets
Natural Smoked Salmon: Authentic smoked salmon makes the perfect gift!
Try Smoked Salmon Toppers in your fish cakes!
Smoked Salmon Toppers, Smoked Salmon Pizza!
Cajun Smoked Salmon, give just the right kick to any dish!
Peppercorn Smoked Salmon
Smoked Salmon Indian Candy
Perfect finger food, food for any gathering!
Original Smoked Salmon Candied Nuggets