All products are vacuum-sealed in high quality, strong vacuum-sealed bags

Custom Smoking
Spicy Cajun, Cracked Peppercorn, Fresh Garlic, Multi-Spiced & Natural and Indian Candy.
(Please note: due to health regulations we will not accept any filleted fish for custom smoking.)

We can fillet your catch in full sides, or approximately one and a half pound packages, or cut to your specifications.

Our facility can freeze, solid, overnight. We are able to flash freeze fish without packaging based on your needs.


Styrofoam coolers and gel packs are also available in a variety of sizes to keep your product frozen for travel. More information…

Absolutely! Hardy Buoys will be happy to store your catch in our freezer/cooler facility during your stay on the north island. If you have more traveling planned, phone us when you get home to make shipping arrangements.