Fishing with a large group? Allow our diligent staff to divide all the processed fish evenly by species and weight among the people in your group.

A snapshot of some of our line of Kosher smoked salmon products.
Salmon being cut into nuggets with state of the art automated equipment.
Racking up brined nugget pieces to be smoked.
Placing candy salmon onto trays for distribution to grocery stores shelves.
Fresh out of the smokers, yum!
Modern state-of-the-art Federally Registered plant
You will love Hardy Buoys :) Maple Candy…good choice!
Product checked and ready for shipping. Looks great guys!
Our Smoke Masters are hands on, ensuring our products are consistent through constant monitoring.
Our products are available in various flavours, sizes and packaging formats.
Guaranteed accurate sizes with less pieces, size uniformity for portion/cost control.
Our products are backed by a skilled workforce with years of experience.